EURLYAID - EAECI is a participative European association of persons interested in developing knowledge and intervening in the area of early childhood intervention, bringing together a working party consisting of researchers, practitioners and representatives of parents' associations from various countries of the European Community. The association, based in Luxembourg, was founded in 1989, during an international conference held in Rotterdam. Today, the growing recognition of the importance of early identification and intervention in problems that affect the overall development of the child, takes this association to develop guidelines and training programs to support the provision. Within this purpose, EURLYAID seeks to contribute to the development of common policies and legislation in the EC, thus ensuring the rights of these children and their families.

Eurlyaid has no office/paid staff: it’s a network of (professional) volunteers. The network has 200 members all over Europe.

The board (its members or identified individual members by the board that have appropriate experience for the project) will contribute and participate in the project: members work and live all over Europe and will travel from their country to meetings and planned activities. Communication goes by mail, skype and whatsapp and at meetings.