Cerebral Palsy Turkey

Our foundation serves individuals with Cerebral Palsy, from birth to old age (serving their mothers in prenatal years). It is an organization that continually improves itself academically within a financially sustainable structure, aiming to be an internationally recognized agency in the area of special education and rehabilitation. We provide diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, and educational services to children, adolescents and adults with Cerebral Palsy, helping these individuals gain a profession, work and being integrated into social life. We try to investigate and find solutions to the what, why, when and where of Cerebral Palsy in children, adolescents, and adults. Since our foundation, working in collaboration with national and international scientific experts in this area, we supported more than 25,000 children and their families, and continue to do so.

Current Programs and Activities

Our ongoing programs and activities consist of special education with physiotherapy, preschool education, child development, sports, educational support, psychological guidance services and family consultation.

Services that are provided in the Rehabilitation Center in our foundation are;

Physiotherapy: These are rehabilitation services that aim to improve the temporary or permanent disabilities that are congenital or happen after birth. With the supervision of the Ministry of Education, we provide a wide range of special education and rehabilitation services. We support physiotherapy with sports, hydrotherapy, and craniosacral therapy services given to individuals with Cerebral Palsy. In craniosacral therapy, cranial adjustments are used to heal the membranes, bones, organs and soft tissue

Motion Analysis: This is a method where, after recording the patients’ movements with a special camera equipment, their walk is analyzed in 3D format. With the help of a graphic expert, motor problems are detected through locating the muscles and joints that lead to walking problems.

Special Education: These consist of Individual Special Education, Special Education Group, Self-care Group, and Adults Group. In addition to these, we also provide Speech Therapy and psychological support to children with CP and their families.

The rehabilitation services are given by a team of 20 people who are university graduates and experts in their area. The team consists of 8 physiotherapists, 5 special education teachers, 2 preschool teachers, 1 physical education and hydrotherapy specialists, 2 expert trainers, 2   psychological and guidance counselor. All of these individuals hold certificates from national and international programs that are scientifically proven and globally recognized.

Family Consultation Center;

Apart from children, we have been supporting individuals and families in each stage of disability situation both in terms of physical rehabilitative solutions to strengthen family, to make family members more productive and participatory as well as develop their problem-solving capacities. Our center welcomes all individuals at every age, primarily children with disabilities and their families.

Early Intervention: The early intervention program aims to eliminate the factors that create risks for normal development and increase the baby's potention to maximum. The early intervention is carried out for babies 0-3 year-old. The basic goals of the early intervention are to minimize influence, to catch up with the standard development and to make baby gain basic skills on time.

The family consulting services are given by a team of 11 people who are university graduates and experts in their area. The team consists of 3 physiotherapist, 2 special education teachers, 2 preschool teachers, 2 physical education and hydrotherapy specialists, 1 expert trainer and 1 psychological and guidance expert.