Online Learning Platform

Online learning platforms are online tools that are used to deliver and support learning. To achieve that goal every online learning platform consists of a wide range of different ICT systems. All of these platforms have multiple uses. They can enable learning from distance by providing the needed tools but also they can be used to enhance the classic way of learning. This way of learning is known as Blended Learning. The project consortium developed and tested a suitable online learning platform during the project period.

All the content which were created during the project implementation was uploaded to this online learning platform that was created for the project. In that way, all the materials were open sources and they can be reached easily through the internet. The Online Learning Platform was included in this website which was created within the scope of the project. The entire content of the Training Course were loaded interactively.

The project consortium developed this online learning platform for all interested e-learners from related target group and beneficiaries of the project. They can register free of charge to this platform and will be able to access all course content. They can complete the course as online and they will be able to strengthen their competences.