Multiplier Events

Piloting of The Training

Upon completion of all the contents of the training course prepared within the scope of the project, Cerebral Palsy Turkey organized trial training as a project coordinator. The main purpose of this training was to disseminate project outputs on the field.

Cerebral Palsy Turkey organized the training on its campus in Istanbul. 20 physiotherapists from different cities of Turkey participated in the training course during 3 days. Before and after this training, a participatory measurement and evaluation system was established. In the light of the feedback received from the participants, the training course was finalized and completed.

The reason of Cerebral Palsy Turkey organizing the event was that Cerebral Palsy Turkey has Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre and also Family Consultancy Center in its campus. There is also Early Intervention Unit and the trainees had the chance to make observations practically. All other partners from Turkey also allocated their physiotherapists to join the training and also supported Cerebral Palsy Turkey to disseminate the call of training.

Closing Symposium

Following completion of all project outputs and activities, the closing symposium will be held on the subject of the New Approaches for Physiotherapists in Early Intervention Field in Istanbul hosted by the Project Coordinator (Cerebral Palsy Turkey). The symposium will be internationally attended (All project partners will participate and also contribute the content of the symposium). All relevant stakeholders of the symposium will be invited. It is aimed to increase the awareness about this issue, especially by the participation of the relevant administrators from the state institutions of Turkey and to improve the Early Intervention System, which is at the very beginning in Turkey.

In the closing symposium, all activities and project outputs made during the project will be shared with participants and they will be disseminated.